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First established in 1977 as an investigation practice in West London, providing litigation support to the financial industry and primarily locating absconding persons and have expanded into a wide-ranging private intelligence and forensic investigation consultancy. Research Associates now maintain a formidable network of multinational and multi-disciplined experts, resulting in a global reach to investigations. Research Associates is also at the very forefront of the evolving open source intelligence community, constantly expanding the compliant knowledge required to support intelligent investigation.

Research Associates: a long established intelligence and forensic investigation agency with a worldwide reach...

Using combinations of open source intelligence (OSInt) research, technology, human resources (HUMInt) and forensic investigation, alongside more traditional detective techniques and responsive insight, Research Associates strive to provide structured support to improve crises and complex situations with sensitivity and legal compliance.

Private intelligence and investigation...

A wide range of investigative solutions are offered by Research Associates to help address the most complex of situations. From investigating business and financial misconduct, blackmail and extortion to investigative due diligence, cyber-crime, litigation support and surveillance activities; Research Associates’s investigative services and unique expertise help leave the presenting situation better enlightened or resolved.

Forensic Private Investigators
Private Detectives

Research Associates was established in August 1977. Since then we have evolved into an approachable, highly professional intelligence, investigation and forensics agency with a reputation for resolving problems and delivering results. We are renowned for our focus and expertise. Decades of experience and serving commerce, executives and entrepreneurs – from private individuals to public sector organisations – make us a safe, legal choice for all intelligence requirements.

Call us in the first instance rather than email, which is not the best platform to discuss highly personalised and confidential information.

Call 020 7243 1000 to have a brief initial discussion focused on resolving your situation.

Why Choose Us?

Outstanding Quality of Service Since 1977

Research Associates have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and provides an unrivalled level of customer service, including:

  • Highly experienced and professional investigators.
  • Accessing legal, open source intelligence.
  • Investigation utilising both state-of-the-art and more established techniques.
  • A full intelligence and forensic service using dedicated experts.
  • Complete worldwide and local coverage.
  • Exclusive fast response service.
  • Excellent standards of practice.
  • Structured evidence reports.
  • A dedicated project manager throughout.

Security & Intelligence

Research Associates has gained its exceptional reputation based on developing exceptional client relations, with foundations built on an assurance of confidentiality, sensitivity, privacy, loyalty and absolute professionalism at all times. Since our initial inception in 1977, we have enjoyed a hard-earned international reputation – both with private individuals, organisations and within the forensic, security and investigation industries – for being knowledgeable, trustworthy and proficient . All our agents are very experienced, boast the highest levels of professional accreditation and are always focused and sensitive to client’s specific requirements, thus offering a truly bespoke and considered intelligence service.

To avoid embarrassment, we respectfully ask potential clients not to ask for illegal services.

Credible Legal Investigation

Research Associates’ principals, Paul Hawkes (MABI MIPI MWAD) and Martin Tomlins-Young (MABI) are both networked into highly prestigious industry associations within both the UK and internationally (see ‘Profile About Us’). During their prolific careers – in which they having been involved in numerous assignments spanning the world – they have acquired a comprehensive range of well placed contacts, a deep industry knowledge, and a wide range of techniques and legal resources. It is notable that both Paul Hawkes and Martin Tomlins-Young are full active members of the UK’s Association of British Investigators; endorsed by The Law Society of England & Wales and the service provider scheme for The Law Society of Scotland.

The most practical way to find out whether a case project is feasible and obtain a realistic time-frame/budget for your situation is to call one of our fully qualified and friendly staff in confidence.

Specialist Forensic Consultants & Investigators

Research Associates is well recognised as a reliable private intelligence and investigation agency which employs only credible specialist consultants and detectives with a well documented, successful history both locally and internationally. Both complex and more focused forensic matters are addressed – with the same degree of diligence and professionalism – by world class forensic experts.

Whether you require questions answered in confidence, or require more information regarding any aspect of our discreet service; we invite you to call us for a private consultation and receive responsive and informative advice at no initial cost. Having called Research Associates, you will find yourself reassured by and confident by our approach.

Our Services

Research Associates was established in 1977; our website is simply designed to allow potential private clients to look over our forensic investigation & intelligence services, prior to talking with an experienced investigator.

We offer our investigative services to many different people and organisations; including private individuals, families, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses, lawyers, legal firms and government bodies.

Our promise is to offer the best professional advice and options for your individual matter and to treat your case with appropriate discretion and sensitivity at all times.
Research Associates offer a very straightforward and confidential consultation – either on the telephone or face-to-face – without obligation. You will find us understanding and professional in all our dealings. Our professional view is that the client is often the expert in the matter that is presented and that Research Associates are expert in all aspects of investigation. For this reason we always strive to work in close conjunction with our clients.