Camera Systems

Covert CCTV & Camera Systems

Covert Camera Systems

Research Associates install only covert camera systems; either on a temporary or permanent basis; covering, both hard-wired or wireless camera systems, whichever is most appropriate, and suitable for both rural and urban environments. Covert CCTV systems or single cameras allow for evidence to be obtained and used to detect, prevent, disrupt or otherwise address crime, employment or other legal issue.

Case Assessment

Since every investigation is essentially unique and because of the delicate nature of all we tasks we undertake, before commencement of any assignment we suggest you call and speak with us. We find by talking through the outline of your current circumstance in confidence and asking just a few non-intrusive questions, we become fully able to comprehend your specific requirement. This will also enable you to get to know how we work and for us to give a clear plan of action, costs, turn around time -and to decide whether you wish to instruct us.

Covert & Complimentary

Covert camera systems may be installed in conjunction with overt cctv, as well as parallel investigative projects, risk management, or close protection tasks.