Computer & IT Crime

Computer & IT Crime: Security

Expert Forensic Services

Forensic services offered by Research Associates include the following:

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Digital Evidence Recovery and Examination
  • Computer Examination –including Mac and all forms of digital media
  • Mobile Telephone Examination
  • CCTV Systems Examination
  • On-Site Assistance to Recover Digital Evidence
  • Court Admissible Technical Forensic Reports -as provided to Police and Government
  • Section 9 Witness Statements
  • Expert Witness Evidence for Court Cases
  • Training

Forensic IT

Research Associates offer government grade forensic examination to both corporate and private markets. Forensic IT requires a high degree of technical know-how, combined with an up to date understanding of the legal system. This understanding and insight is a vital necessity as IT investigation may inadvertently become tarnished or compromised either by an inability to lay out technical IT investigation results in a presentable and legal format, or by an IT technician’s lack of experience as a professional witness (however skilled the IT technician may be). This may seriously jeopardise potential legal action. Therefore, prior to instruction, Research Associates recommend clients avoid unnecessarily tampering with a suspect machine and to obtain appropriate advice, preferably before the device is touched or even switched on/off. For all cases of IT forensics, including mobile telephones, PC/Macs and other IT devices/media, Research Associates stock a range of evidence bags designed to isolate the suspect device and so protect potential evidence.

IT and Internet Crime

Whether it be problems involving an IT security breach, or crimes involving fraud direct or indirect, partially or wholly via the internet; there is a need to obtain clear concise intelligence. Focused intelligence may assist in limiting any potential breach and go on to assist bringing perpetrators of fraud to justice. Research Associates’ reports help support legal proceedings, whether criminal or civil.

Internet Research and Intelligence:

For the past two decades Research Associates‘ local team have worked closely with a highly trained team of international internet researchers, based out Cape Town, South Africa, renowned for investigation of internet fraud and conducting research using legally sanitised ‘open source intelligence’ (‘OSInt’) and ‘deep web’ searches‘, enabling us to offer a superior enquiry service at cost effective prices.

IT Specialists:

Cases involving IT and computing are regularly worked in close consultation with Major Phillip Hatton TD BA (Hons) MTSI MBCS DTS, a forensic IT specialist well recognised in both government and legal circles. Since 1987, Major Phillip Hatton has specialised in IT investigation, initially in ‘Trading Standards’; subsequently serving during the second Gulf war with the 513rd Military Intelligence Brigade (US Army) as technical manager of the theatre collection point for digital media, operating in northern Kuwait and Baghdad. He was awarded the ‘US Army Achievement Medal’ for services in the Gulf War. Major Hatton has also devised a specialist IT course for the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) on ‘computer seizure and Internet investigations’, and has worked in close collaboration with various police and law enforcement agencies (including the FBI’s Operational Technology Division in Quantico, Virginia), assisting in numerous sensitive investigations and court cases. Although Major Hatton does not work directly for the public, Research Associates work in close conjunction with him and his colleagues on most types of cases requiring forensic IT expertise.