Due Diligence

Bespoke Solutions to International Due Diligence

Research Associates recommend bespoke solutions to due diligence, allowing our clients to minimise risk, enabling better informed decisions when requiring intelligence reporting.

Call us in the first instance rather than email, which is not the best platform to discuss highly personalised and confidential information.

Call 020 7243 1000 to have a brief initial discussion focused on resolving your situation.

The foundation for all due diligence exploration, whether relating to a company or an individual, is identification and verification. Supplementary investigation varies according to the specific requirements of each case, which may include:

  • Background screenings
  • Business relationships
  • Company corporate structure
  • Global KYC screenings (for compliance and security)
  • International criminality reports
  • Investigation
  • Location checks
  • Negative media verification
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSInt) Reports
  • Reputation verification

All documentation is wholly obtained from Open Source Intelligence (OSInt), and is legally sourced from the public domain, limited observation, contacts and other legal sources. Our typical clienel require our services to be both “clever and legal”.

Our reporting includes most international jurisdictions and due diligence packages vary according to specific requirements, covering over 227 nations worldwide.

The very best way to ensure your specific request is addressed is to call us to obtain an appraisal along with a clear quotation from a qualified professional.