Live GPS/GSM Tracking Worldwide

Superior Tracking Solutions

Research Associates offer small, discreet and powerful live tracking GPS devices allowing client’s to track assets, vehicles or people worldwide. All our devices are ultra-lightweight and water resistant. Some are also fitted with a discreet panic alarm; once pressed for four seconds the device informs the user of its location via a nominated mobile phone or PC, offering genuine peace of mind for loved ones.

Research Associates’ trackers typically contain rechargeable Lithium batteries allowing the user to track for up to seven days; but we also provide extended tracking capability for up to two months, via high-tech battery add-ons. All trackers may be hard wired into vehicles, and we also offer bespoke solutions; whereby trackers may be sewn into items of clothing/shoes or items of value, big or small.

Web Enabled Control Panels

Our web enabled control panels are designed for ease of use and its superior functionality allows the user to change the frequency interval when tracking a device on-line, to set a 360 degree ‘virtual perimeter’ known as a “Geo-fence”, around an nominated area; when a tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both, it will send a SMS to a nominated mobile telephone or PC, so notifying the user. The user may also call the device (which is both GPS/GSM activated) from a mobile phone and it will return the current address location details via SMS.

Some specialised trackers come equipped with ‘motion-activated tracking’ (motion tracking activation) capabilities. Internal motion sensors begin to track as soon as the device senses even slight disturbance/movement. This feature preserves battery life, and also allows the user to track only the most important movements. The user may also awaken the device via the web-enabled control panel. This will alert the user once the device is moved, either via SMS or via audio warning sirens on the panel. This is of great value if the user is protecting an asset that should not be moved.


Most trackers are offered with various accessories designed to address the varying requirements of the user. These include, enhanced battery packs; wireless charging mat to automatically charge the tracking units; waterproof magnetised cases (each magnet designed to withstand a pulling force of up to 49kg), and hard-wired charger/car kits

These features, combined with genuine real time tracking and easy to use ‘location history reports’, make our tracking units technically superior in numerous ways. Combined with Research Associates’ investigative capabilities, our trackers appeal to both the private and business markets.